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Chauffeur with limousine at the Yachting Festival in Cannes

Lovers of beautiful sailboats and yachts, you want a driver with a limousine to ensure your travel during the Yachting Festival in Cannes? One of the most eclectic boat shows in the world. This event marks the meeting of major nautical industries in an old port on the French Riviera. It is necessary to take care of one's appearance to better integrate in the VIP atmosphere which reigns there. So, WR Chauffeurs proposes a private driver who has a great experience in serving great personalities.

The Yachting Festival offers an impressive and diverse fleet of boats. Each model has its own specificities. You will have the opportunity to hear their designers or owners praise their merits. Invited to this event in Cannes, you want to reach certain goals within the time limit. So, WR Chauffeurs provides you with a comfortable way to travel.

Our driver will drive you from the airport to your hotel

You can contact us in advance to book a driver with a limousine for the Yachting Festival in Cannes. Thus, a driver welcomes you at the airport and drives you to your residence. He takes care of the recovery of all your luggage as well as their secure transfer to the hotel. For that, we put from the start a spacious car at your disposal . Moreover, you will find enough places if you come to Cannes with your family or your colleagues.

After installation in the vehicle, your personal driver with limousine for the Yachting Festival in Cannes drives on the fast and convenient roads. You can imagine how tired the trip could have made you and that you need some rest to better start the next day. Given the interest of your visit to Cannes, you can make the most of the time. If there are any urgent errands or details to be taken care of before the show, feel free to mention them to your driver. He or she can take you to the right places to run these errands right away.

Travel in first class in a limousine driven by our driver during the Cannes Yachting Festival

The Yachting Festival is the first in-water exhibition in Europe. It takes place in the port of Cannes where several boats are honored. Only ships that have marked the history of international yachting. There are therefore all types of boats, including regattas, ready to challenge each other in a friendly atmosphere. This event is also an opportunity to meet the major boat builders. If you are thinking of acquiring a floating machine, it is best to visit the site. WR Chauffeurs provides your travel for this purpose.

For you, we make available a superb limousine well equipped and up to your standard. The driver can drive you quickly from one point to another of the city. We want to offer a quality service to our customers. Therefore, all our vehicles are equipped with the necessary: air conditioning, phone charger ports, beverage bottles, etc.

With our professional driver: the safety of your trips is a reality

To guarantee our customers a quality service, WR Chauffeurs regularly optimizes the level of driving of its professionals. Moreover, our driver accompanies you in the organization of your displacements. His knowledge of the road traffic in Cannes is a guarantee of punctuality for all your appointments.

Your driver with limousine for the Yachting Festival in Cannes takes all the measures to satisfy you. At WR Chauffeurs, the customer can freely prefer one car model over another. Reason why we have a series of luxury cars. Our collection consists of cars equipped with the latest technology. They are also spacious and suitable for VIP style. Book your limousine now by contacting us.