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Driver with limousine during the TFWA show in Cannes

The appointment is made for this year, and the city of Cannes is busy hosting the International Tax Free World Exhibition. In order to make your travel during this TFWA Cannes pleasant, WR Chauffeurs offers you a driver with limousine. Indeed, workshops, business opportunities, exhibitions... will embellish your days within the show.

In addition to optimizing your travel, our team of professional drivers takes care of your well-being. If needed, our driver can easily step into the shoes of the courier to make purchases in town or the tour guide to help you explore the French Riviera. So, to make your stay in Cannes as productive as possible, take advantage of WR Chauffeurs.

Driver with limousine during the Cannes TFWA: amenities guaranteed

With WR Chauffeurs, you maximize your chances of always moving with comfort and serenity in a limousine throughout the TFWA Cannes international trade show. Indeed, many participants in this Duty industry event are discovering the city of Cannes. In fact, having a private driver makes it easier for them to get around in the heart of the city or in its surroundings.

Thanks to his good knowledge of the routes, the private driver will lead you through the smoothest routes. In doing so, he will spare you the stress and time wastage caused by traffic jams. Having a developed sense of punctuality, our drivers will meet your travel needs and keep you on schedule.

Plus, their reassuring ride quality allows you to enjoy your extra moments of relaxation before the next stop. Take advantage of the time during your trip to take care of things like checking your email, answering missed calls, etc.

The advantage of a customized service in limousine

With a personal driver, easily make your trips on nights or weekends. In reality, many public transportation services limit their working hours to the end of the day and then to working days. Yet, by booking a master driver with a limousine for the TFWA Cannes show, you will have your schedule as you see fit.

Instructed in advance of your program, the private driver adapts to it to always be present at your requests. Whether you want to leave for a TFWA conference, a business meeting with partners, or to return to your hotel, your driver makes himself available.

The mission of WR Chauffeurs' professionals goes beyond the simple fact of driving you everywhere and at any time. Indeed, they also take care of your well-being during the whole period in which the TFWA Cannes show is held. If you feel the need to do some shopping in town, to book a table in a particular restaurant or anything else, the driver can take care of it.

Take advantage of your time in Cannes to discover the French Riviera

Workshops, interviews, exchanges and sharing of experiences, etc. are all activities that occupy your days during this event. After these hours of work, it is normal that many participants in this international gathering devote themselves to relaxing activities. With the diversity of its services, WR Chauffeurs has what it takes to help you organize your entertainment activities.

If you wish to take advantage of your stay to visit the Côte d'Azur, our driver will help you realize this desire. He will be able to take you on board the beautiful limousine to discover the neighboring cities of Cannes: Antibes, Nice, Sophia-Antipolis, and the wonders they abound in. In order to benefit from all these advantages, contact us.